Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hwy 21 Truck rollover...

Ferry/Okanogan Fire Protection District #14 Fire & EMS units responded to a call-out to a semi truck & trailer accident on State Highway 21 near Malo, WA at approximately 1600:hours. It was a hot afternoon under the summer sun for our extrication team in bunker gear as they managed the accident scene. EMS staff did a great job and transported a very lucky-to-be-alive truck driver. Ferry County Sheriff Deputies professionally managed the over all accident scene and kept traffic moving as smoothly as possible.

Here are some images from the accident:
Above: Made for something of an ironic photo; the PASS WITH CARE highway sign caught up in the rear axle of the over-turned trailer. Fortunately road construction was underway and there was limited traffic on the highway. No other vehicle was involved in the accident.
To keep traffic moving D.O.T. pilot vehicle leads traffic on old railroad grade bypassing the accident scene.

Below: Local construction equipment assisting in clearing the scene in the wake of the accident.

Above: General incident over-view looking south along State Highway 21 toward Malo WA.
Above: The accident scene looking north along the highway. Somewhere under the debris is a two lane state highway.

Above: It was late in the evening before Highway 21 was fully reopened.

Will close this for now. Forecast is for a large, dry summer lightning storm with the possibility of multiple ignitions. Time to gear up for another run...

Drive safe...