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As noted by William R. Deedler, Weather Historian for the National Weather Service "An early American writer described Indian Summer well when he wrote, "The air is perfectly quiescent and all is stillness, as if Nature, after her exertions during the Summer, were now at rest." This passage belongs to the writer John Bradbury and was written back in 1817. But this passage is as relevant today as it was way back then. The term "Indian Summer" dates back to the 18th century in the United States. It can be defined as "any spell of warm, quiet, hazy weather that may occur in October or even early November." Basically, autumn is a transition season as the thunderstorms and severe weather of the summer give way to a tamer, calmer weather period before the turbulence of the winter commences..."

From this perspective on the latitude of the 49th parallel autumn is a short lived affair. We are often gifted with what is described above as an Indian Summer, which is usually swiftly followed by the onset of winter like conditions (even with several weeks left before the transition of seasons). Thankfully at this time we are simply in wet autumn weather.

Here are a few of my rendered photographs reflecting on this season.
Hope you enjoy...
Rendered photo #1 "AUTUMN'S PAINTBRUSH" location is just north of Riverhome, my cabin on the Kettle River. Soft autumnal colors muted together forming a landscape of light and hues. Inviting one for a hike along river trails hidden in the bush.
Rendered photo #2 "AUTUMN RIVER" location is just two miles up the Kettle River from the small town of Curlew. It is the combination of landscape and reflections that make this image work for me. This is a spot I often sit and watch the river flow by.
In "MOUNTAIN MISTS & SNAG", rendered photo #3 we move up in elevation, into the Kettle River Range, a north/south run of mountains separating the Okanogan Highlands from the Columbia River Basin. Soon these mountains will be under a deep, white blanket of snow...
Here are a few links to the general area of these photographs:

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antoine said...

Great photos, John. Reading your blog and gazing at the pics is a welcome break from the busy day.