Sunday, October 12, 2008

Curlew Medical Clinic...

This session is really a preview of a blog-to-come. 2008 marked the opening of the Curlew Medical Clinic (new building) and it is beautiful piece of architecture. Besides being a Medical Clinic this edifice houses historical photographs of this unique mountainous river valley and some local artwork. I am one of the fortunate photographers to be featured with a permanent display therein.

The ownership, design, construction and decor are all the result of local folk, artisans and craftsmen.

In the future I hope to work within a collaboration to create a web-site featuring this beautiful construction, discussing it's forward looking design and sharing it's local artwork. Until then these photos will whet your appetite for learning more. Here's to your health... Foster

Want to find the Curlew Medical Clinic - follow the list below:

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