Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Introduction


Foster Fanning here. This is my first blog post, thus it's title -
The Introduction. An intro not only from me to you, the reader, but an introduction for me into the world of blogging.

A little about myself:

LIFESTYLE: Part-time cruising under sail (about 70 days a year). Most-time living in remote, mountainous river valley in NE Washington state.
ACTIVITIES: Sailing (Commodore RPSC), skiing, mountaineering, photography, writing, computers, biking (both types), beach combing.
PROFESSION: Firefighter, Incident Commander, Fire Trainer & Fire Chief.
FAMILY: Two great & grown off-spring; current partner & her very cool daughter; brothers, sister, five grandchildren and a living saint of a mom;
FRIENDS: A large and very diverse group of folks.

I live in the Pacific NW. A land of mountains, rivers and the sea. My home is in a remote mountainous, river valley. Bald eagles are my neighbors. They fish & mate in the 100' pines along the river bank 50 feet from my backdoor. Deer, raccoons, otters, along with the occasional bear & wildcat wander the gardens, visiting at night, leaving scant trace of their presence.

As mentioned above my mate and I sail 70 or so days a year. We squeeze it in between busy careers. Mine as a fire chief, she the administrator of the Stonerose museum & fossil dig site (

Given my strong affiliations with the water through sailing & living on the bank of a river, combined with my 30+ year career with firefighting, I've chosen Firewater as the name of this blog. Blogging as noted is a new venture for me. Of course being a neophyte this is a work in progress, and admittedly a rather rough one at that.

In summary, I've been interested in starting a blog. Not sure where it will go but that may indeed prove to be the true adventure in & of itself.
Thanks for stopping in and having a look. Feel free to post a comment.
Foster Fanning

Other sites I'm working with include the following:

Cruising World profile:

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Bonnie said...

John, very nice! I think you've found your 'voice' on the internet. You should have done it sooner! Kinda the ultimate revenge for a guy that has seen so many hard drives crash and burn (literally). I'm looking forward to watching how this evolves.

maddmaxx said...

Wow! Another talent in what is apparently a bottomless well. Lucky me you are a teacher or I might never have had the pleasure to get to know the first layer of the complicated John. Great photos! Excellent text. Time for you to start that book! Then, when they make it into a movie, you can write the sound track too, on harmonica!

MarkEye said...

Great look on life and friends. You are a very good photographer. Click on :-)

Douglas said...

Beautiful video in Cruising May 2010. What is the name and performer of the music if you don't mind? Thank you