Friday, October 10, 2008

Nautical Photographic Art...

Before evolving into an amateur / freelance photographer sketching & painting held my creative interest. Not that I was ever good at either but that spark led me to photography and I've yet to venture back.

In this period of digital photography I, like many other photo-buffs have set aside my slide & film cameras. An enjoyable but unexpected aspect of digital imagery is what I've come to refer to as 'rendering' although there is probably other terms for it. This is a process where a digital image is worked in a photo editing program the result appearing more like a digital painting or sketch than photograph. Here are some examples from my nautical collection, click on the images to view a larger version:

The first image here is a watercolour style rendering of my old Lyle Hess designed sailing vessel titled "Sailing Osprey". Her colourful headsail was quiet noticeable while underway. Catherine is at the helm.

In the second image, entitled 'The Navigator" my friend and sometimes sailing mentor Ed Wood looks even more of 'the old salt' than in the non-rendered photo. Here he's at the helm of S/V Woodwind piloting a channel in the northern reaches of the Straits of Georgia, B.C. Canada.

In the third image this water colour effect highlights the waterfront of the Washington State town of La Connor. This image "La Connor" was captured from the bridge as late summers twilight settled in. Mount Baker can be seen n the background.

The fourth picture in this series, "Osprey at Matia dock" is done in a manner to reflect a black & white pen sketch. I find this effect very enjoyable.

The fifth & last picture of this series is called "Sprite" and is an image of the sailing vessel Sprite with owner / sailor / boat builder Larry Silva at the helm during a long run one September afternoon up the Inside Passage.


goooooood girl said...

i like......

matthew houskeeper said...

Interesting work, Forester.

I have tried to do that a little bit, but nothing came out as well as the ones you posted.

matthew houskeeper said...

Excuse me, I meant to say Foster.
My apologies!!!
My reading comprehension is really going downhill.