Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Rainy weekend anchorage...

Here’s to ya’… May warmth & good health be with you in these changing of seasons.
Admittedly my home area oft times does not in autumn linger. Two weeks ago it was 80 degrees in late afternoon. Two weeks from now it might be below zero at night.

As mentioned in “the introduction” to this blog series, I am an active sailor. There will most likely be a chapter or two having a look at Aquila, my 30' sailboat. But we’ll save those details for later and now I’ll take you on a little weekend sailing adventure.
The fair weather sailing of 2008 is falling into memory as autumn’s leaves drop into the cold waters of the Pacific Northwest. For a few more extended weekends we will slip the moorage lines and slide off into the twilight of our Friday evenings, sometimes sailing under bright autumn stars, sometimes into rain and chill temperatures such as this weekend brought. We will stay out until a very early morning commute on Monday imposes on our retreat. Three nights and two full days aboard. In my vernacular it's called “therapy”. These outings usually end up in protected anchorages like Roper Cove pictured here. One of our favorite late season haunts. Gone are the summer boaters, the noisy beach camps. Within these temperate anchorages we listen to the call of geese, the rare loon, gobbling of turkeys. Often we hear the passage of the eagle wings before we see the bird itself.

This weekend was rainy. Made for a hang out, brew some coffee, read a book, play some Scrabble, kind of time. Pretty enjoyable really. I’ve created a small vignette of images and reflections that take you from the sailing, to the rain, to the main cabin in front of a cozy onboard fireplace and lounging boat cat.
Hope you enjoy...

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